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[banquet_core_section_title disable_title_break_words=”no” title_tag=”” target=”” content_alignment=”” title=”Bubbles and Brews Canada is proud to be Alberta Health Certified” subtitle=”Before you book anyone else – check their status”]
Bubbles and Brews Prosecco Cart in Canmore

At Bubbles and Brews, your safety is our number one concern. We want you and your guests to feel safe that we are taking the right steps to make your event fun and safe.

We have upgraded our mobile bar to meet and exceed all safety expectations that Alberta Health Services has set out for all mobile bars and food trucks.

Did you know that all events that are serving alcohol, drinks or food, the businesses providing your services are required to have AHS certification? This includes all mobile bars and food trucks. This way AHS can ensure that these service providers are keeping safety standards to the highest level. You can review every mobile bar, food truck AHS report in Alberta before you go to book your event. You can access these reports HERE and then click on they city you are looking for to see each inspection and the outcomes of the inspections. If you can’t find the name of the service you are planning to book, it means they probably aren’t certified. You should do this before booking any mobile drink or food truck for all of your events.

We adhere to maximum dimensions, have proper surfaces on our counters, walls and ceiling that are not absorbent and are properly sanitizable. We chose stainless steel with a antimicrobial film for our counter tops to ensure that we go above and beyond to meet your safety concerns. We have fitted out our walls with high end tiles and have sealed them to ensure that these surfaces are 100 percent able to be sterilized after each use.

Our team is fully fitted out with the proper PPE for your events and we take our cart to our designated AHS approved facility for the proper sterilization after each and every event. We also use an approved COVID sterilization solution to ensure that we have our carts are safe each and every event.

If you have any questions or want to see our health and safety plan, please reach out to us at