Bubbles and Brews Influencer Program

Bubbles and Brews Canada Launches New Influencer Program

We would like to encourage all of our fans to become part of our Bubbles and Brews Canada team. How? By telling your friends, and social media contacts. Why? To spread the word, and also get a little reward for your efforts (up to 15% on packages over $500.00).


Christian Louboutin Shoes on Bubbles and Brews Prosecco Cart Door
Who does’nt need some new shoes?

What’s involved? You need to sign up and tell us a little about you, and your following. We review to make sure that you align with our vision, and goals, and we let you know once you are approved (no bots, or spammers allowed). Once approved, we will send you a little package of information of approved images, logos, guidelines, and tips to ensure that you are properly prepared to promote us. Then you will receive some exclusive promotions that will give you something to share.


2020 has been rough on our industry, and it’s time to share the love, and a little $$$.


Anyone that has any questions, please reach out anytime to Cindy @ 403.383.0900. Otherwise, the rest will be in the package when you sign up.


Click Here to Apply



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