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Engagements, Girls Night, Baby Shower, Corporate Events, Family Gatherings, you name it, we’ll bring the picnic

Bubble and Brews is proud to add BOHO Luxury Picnics to their offerings.  Now you can have both, with a couple of clicks. We can customize a picnic to exceed your expectations.  Charcuterie boards, pillows, low picnic tables.

Events from 2 people – 30 or more.

Want to ask your partner to marry you?  We can have everything set up to make a romantic event that will be remembered forever.

Want to get the girls together without all of the fuss?  We’ve got you covered.

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[banquet_core_section_title disable_title_break_words=”no” title_tag=”” target=”” content_alignment=”” title=”What’s included” subtitle=”All standard picnic set-ups include” text=”• Picnic Table • Beautiful Floral Arrangement • Styling Theme • Pillows • Blankets • Picnic Basket • Complimentary Water for Each Guest • Decorative Plates, Elegant Wine Glasses, Cutlery, Cloth Napkins, Napkin Rings | We do not serve food or beverages, however we offer charcuterie boards as an add-on for $75 per board.”]
[banquet_core_section_title disable_title_break_words=”no” title_tag=”” target=”” content_alignment=”” title=”One Table | $500″ subtitle=”BOHO Luxury Picnics” text=”• 1 Pretty Little Picnic Table • Full Setup and Styling • Fits Up to 6 Guests • 2-Hour Reservation • $75 for Each Additional Hour”]
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[banquet_core_section_title disable_title_break_words=”no” title_tag=”” target=”” content_alignment=”” title=”Two Tables | $850″ subtitle=”BUBBLES and BREWS” text=”• 2 Pretty Little Picnic Tables • Full Setup and Styling • Fits Up to 10 Guests • 2-Hour Reservation • $75 for Each Additional Hour”]
[banquet_core_section_title disable_title_break_words=”no” title_tag=”” target=”” content_alignment=”” title=”Three Tables | $1200″ subtitle=”BOHO Luxury Picnics” text=”• 3 Pretty Little Picnic Tables • Full Setup and Styling
• Fits Up to 14 Guests • 2-Hour Reservation • $75 for Each Additional Hour”]
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[banquet_core_section_title disable_title_break_words=”no” title_tag=”” target=”” content_alignment=”” title=”BOHO Luxury Picnics was founded to bring people together.” subtitle=”ABOUT US”]

Every day celebrations are the best way to make memories. Whether it’s brunch with friends or a special date night, we want to help you make it one for the books.

BOHO Luxury Picnics came to be after Cindy noticed that people were asking for additional offerings for Bubbles and Brews, and the fact that people were having more intimate gatherings.  We knew that picnics were the perfect answer, and when you are having a glass of prosecco, you want an environment that is more still formal, but has a bit of a casual flair.

BOHO Picnics is a luxury pop-up picnic service that helps you put on the perfect picnic without lifting a finger. We are dedicated to creating beautiful picnic experiences that you’ll remember for years to come.

Just call, and we bring the rest.  We have partnered with some local vendors to offer more than just a place to sit, but also to bring the rest of the picnic with a local flavour.

Engagement picnics, Baby Showers, Girls Night, Family Gatherings and more.

BOHO Picnics – Call us today – 403-383-0900

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Alberta Health Services Approved

Your safety is our number one concern. We want you and your guests to feel safe that we are taking the right steps to make your event fun and safe.

We have upgraded our mobile bar to meet and exceed all safety expectations that Alberta Health Services has set out for all mobile bars and food trucks.

Did you know that all events that are serving alcohol, drinks or food, the businesses providing your services are required to have AHS certification? This includes all mobile bars and food trucks. This way AHS can ensure that these service providers are keeping safety standards to the highest level. You can review every mobile bar, food truck AHS report in Alberta before you go to book your event. You can access these reports HERE and then click on they city you are looking for to see each inspection and the outcomes of the inspections. If you can’t find the name of the service you are planning to book, it means they probably aren’t certified. You should do this before booking any mobile drink or food truck for all of your events.

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Do you provide food and beverages?

No, however, charcuterie boards are available as an add-on to your picnic. Additionally, we provide complimentary water for each guest.

How many people can fit per table?

6 guests for one table, 10 people for two tables, 14 people for three tables, 18 guests for four tables, or 22 guests for five tables.

What does it cost?

Our pricing is based on your picnic needs! When you get in touch, you’ll receive a link to select your date, view our packages, and pay your deposit.

Can I have a picnic outside of Calgary?

Our pricing is based on picnics within the Calgary city limits, however we’re up for almost anything.  Want to have a picnic in Canmore?  We can look into that for you.

[banquet_core_section_title disable_title_break_words=”no” title_tag=”” target=”” content_alignment=”center” title=”Everything you need to know for a perfect picnic with us.” subtitle=”POLICIES AND PROCEDURES”]
[banquet_core_icon_with_text layout=”top” target=”” icon_type=”icon-pack” main_icon=”font-awesome” main_icon_font_awesome=”fa fa-clock” size=”medium” icon_layout=”circle” title_tag=”” content_alignment=”” title=”How long do I get my picnic?” text=”Your picnic is reserved for two hours. We will charge $75 per hour beyond this time frame. If you would like to leave before your two hours is up, please contact your picnic coordinator.” border_color=”#dd9933″ background_color=”#f7e0d4″]
[banquet_core_icon_with_text layout=”top” target=”” icon_type=”icon-pack” main_icon=”font-awesome” main_icon_font_awesome=”fa fa-recycle” size=”medium” icon_layout=”circle” title_tag=”” content_alignment=”” title=”Can I rent your items?” text=”Yes! We charge $250 to rent one table and decor for the day. – We require a $250.00 damage deposit that will be refunded upon the return of the rental materials in undamaged shape.” border_color=”#dd9933″ background_color=”#f7e0d4″]
[banquet_core_icon_with_text layout=”top” target=”” icon_type=”icon-pack” main_icon=”font-awesome” main_icon_font_awesome=”fa fa-calendar” size=”medium” icon_layout=”circle” title_tag=”” content_alignment=”” title=”What’s the cancellation policy?” text=”Once your picnic is confirmed, there is a $200 deposit. You have up to 72 hours before your event to cancel for a full refund. If you cancel after this time frame, you will lose your deposit.” border_color=”#dd9933″ background_color=”#f7e0d4″]
[banquet_core_icon_with_text layout=”top” target=”” icon_type=”icon-pack” main_icon=”font-awesome” main_icon_font_awesome=”fa fa-question” size=”medium” icon_layout=”circle” title_tag=”” content_alignment=”” title=”What if I need assistance?” text=”We’re here to help! Your coordinator will be on-site the day of your picnic to resolve any issues right away. Please note that weather, crowds, and parking are out of our control.” border_color=”#dd9933″ background_color=”#f7e0d4″]